crossTORQ for Labs

Connecting lab systems, instruments

and healthcare providers has never been easier.


crossTORQ delivers the framework that enables the reliable exchange of data between LIMS and LIS systems, analysers and instruments.

With crossTORQ, you have a common and consistent approach, specifically designed for specifically for labs, that manages both external interactions between healthcare providers, as well as internal connection and communication between analysers, instruments and LIS systems.

crossTORQ provides the framework for safe and secure healthcare connections that can be activated faster and more cost-effectively than traditional integration approaches.


Whether you need to send reports and results, send and receive orders, or exchange sensitive healthcare information, crossTORQ provides the architecture to exchange sensitive healthcare information, securely and reliably.

Supporting numerous healthcare data exchange standards, such as HL7, HL7 FHIR and XDS.b, crossTORQ makes it easy to define and quickly implement interactions between healthcare providers and systems.

With the rapidly advancing array of new instruments, analysers, point-of-care and personal monitoring and testing devices, being able to on-board new device connections quickly is critical.

Connecting a myriad of different instruments and devices can be a challenging and often expensive exercise. Whether your device uses a standards-based or proprietary interface, crossTORQ provides a common platform that enables devices to be more rapidly integrated.

crossTORQ brings together heterogeneous analytical devices, with differing protocols and interfaces, into a dependable and consistent environment that can be rapidly deployed, and easily scaled to suit the most stringent clincal and laboratory demands.


Supporting healthcare industry standards, such as ASTM and HL7 (2.x), crossTORQ delivers a common architecture that enables the structured exchange of information.

Heterogeneous data sources are unified into consistent data inputs, using easily defined templates and business processing rules. Proprietary instruments and analysers are also supported using the crossTORQ plugin architecture or crossTORQ device adaptors.


The crossTORQ approach streamlines the creation and management of your connections with other healthcare providers, and your own instruments. You define your own templates and processing rules using crossTORQ graphical template designer, specifically designed with simplicity in mind.

What’s more, using crossTORQ templates, you will be able to quickly and easily create interface specifications and processing rules, without programming or complex technical knowledge.


The crossTORQ Designer provides a rapid and simple approach to defining data exchange. Templates define message structures and processing rules, that make the on-boarding of new instruments and system interactions quick and painless.

Templates, easily managed and maintained through a graphical user interface, take the creation of data exchange and interactions away from the need for detailed IT skills and knowledge, and put it back in the hands of the operational healthcare worker.


Once activated, interactions and data exchange are monitored through the crossTORQ management centre. Every interaction between systems and devices is managed through crossTORQ.

The Management Centre provides a one-stop central point for management of each device. Real-time monitoring and alerts are delivered through management dashboards and consoles.

Processing exceptions and issues are highlighted, with alerts being directed to operational personnel via mobile devices or through your existing central management systems.


The crossTORQ Dashboard Designer allows the creation of powerful, customised, real-time dashboards that can be used to monitor the flow and exchange of data, the status of devices, and provides a common point for the resolution of processing exceptions.

The graphical design studio interface allows you to drag and drop management elements onto your personalised dashboard, so that you can access in real-time the key information that you need, presented in the way you need to see it.

Dashboards can be designed and tailored to individual requirements to provide maximum flexibility.


crossTORQ seamlessly connects healthcare systems, instruments and devices that interact using a variety communications protocols and interfaces, translating disparate outputs into structured data that can be used for processing to external systems.

crossTORQ allows business rules to be defined via a graphical user interface, that enables validated and structured data to be delivered to any third-party system for processing.


crossTORQ can be used in laboratories where there are one or more different types of analysers and instruments. Each instrument can have its own protocol and interface.

crossTORQ enables you to quickly create templates that define the interchange of data between each instrument type and the LIS. Data processing rules enable data to be modelled to a consistent pattern that is required for the LIS.

Configurating LIS systems for each instrument’s communication protocol can be a daunting task. The crossTORQ Designer relieves the pain of interfacing instruments.

An intuitive, browser-based graphical user interface allows instruments to be interfaced in minutes, significantly reducing time and effort spent on instrument interfacing. Proprietary devices are supported using the CrossTorQ plugin architecture or CrossTorQ device adaptors, meaning that any instrument can be connected within the crossTORQ model, with an ever increasing list of instruments supported "out of the box".


With crossTORQ you will be able to offer the highest quality and consistent service delivery to your ordering doctors.  crossTORQ allows you to quickly onboard new ordering doctors, clinics, hospitals and care centres that enable you to receive orders, and securely deliver test results promptly and easily.

When combined with PAMS, you can provide a fully connected and integrated service that enables ordering doctors to send orders and receive results directly from their practice management system or clinical system, or via their mobile smartphone or tablet.  Patients can be booked directly at your collection centres to provide the most comprehensive and efficient diagnostic service.

Receiving results from point-of-care testing devices is now easier than ever. crossTORQ can be plugged into mobile apps and devices to facilitate the collection of real-time montoring data points for patients.


Don’t use that sledge hammer approach! crossTORQ is lightweight, cost effective and does not require complex and expensive IT infrastructure to operate.

Why pay for functionality that you will never use and that is complex to manage?

With crossTORQ, you implement only the components you need today, but with the ability to grow and scale with your increasing needs.

You can choose to implement crossTORQ at your own premises and on your own infrastructure, or use crossTORQ as a service, hosted in our secure cloud-based environment, available anywhere in the world.