A better way to manage the process outside the lab


The first step in the delivery of high quality test results is the delivery of quality, properly controlled and conditioned samples to the Lab – and this is usually of the process which is outside of lab control.

By extending best practice quality management and control to the processes outside of your lab walls, PAMS offers a unique opportunity to improve the consistency and quality of testing services; improve service delivery and enhance your lab’s competitive positioning.

PAMS mobile app suite makes it possible to manage the entire pre-analytical process outside of the lab wall regardless of where each step is performed, and who performs them.  For the first time you have visibility and management of the entire testing process, improving efficiencies, quality and service delivery.

Connecting you with your customers, PAMS proves a paradigm shift in the way laboratory services are delivered.   PAMS offers new convenience and simplicity to your clients, allowing them to access results and manage service delivery anywhere and anytime.


Whether field collections are performed by your own staff, by your clients or other third parties, PAMS enables you to manage and control every sample collected to ensure that high quality, uncontaminated and viable samples are delivered to your lab for testing. Through the PAMS mobile collection app, every person involved in collection and transport of samples to your lab can be supported to ensure that proper sample identification, collection and transport procedures are maintained.  As a mobile app suite, PAMS can be used anywhere and anytime, and the app styling makes it simple to use for non-specialist collectors.

PAMS makes the entire process – from the time of ordering to delivery of samples to the lab entirely visible and managed.  Real-time monitoring allows you to monitor activities outside the lab as they take place, with active alerts and notifications to draw your attention to required actions.


The ready-built client service centre allows your clients to manage and monitor their testing programs, to order services, and receive reports, all from the convenience of their desktop, mobile device or the web.  Active alerts keep them on top of anything that needs their attention.

PAMS makes it easy for you deliver new value propositions to your clients, gaining you competitive advantage.


PAMS implements best practice standards in combination with the rules and procedures that you define to deliver confidence that each sample collected meets your defined collection standards.  Based on a mobile platform, PAMS is able to manage collections as they occur – in the field or anywhere required, and PAMS has been designed with simplicity and convenience at the forefront.   PAMS ensures that every user has full knowledge of the sample collection rules and procedures that you define, guiding them through each step in the collection process, and ensuring that compliance requirements are observed and that all necessary records are created and maintained.

And while samples may be collected correctly, poor handling and transportation practices such as temperature variance and other issues can render a perfectly collected sample unusable for testing.  Through sample handling rules, PAMS ensures that each sample is correctly conditioned and transported.


Ensuring that each sample is fully and properly identified is key to ensuring the validity and accuracy of test results. PAMS integrates positive sample identification into the sample collection process.  Sample identification requirements that you define ensure that each sample is positively identified with all information required by your identification standards.  PAMS supports mobile point of collection devices to enable samples to be identified immediately they are collected.


Ensuring that all of your staff are properly trained and conversant with regulatory, safety and procedural requirements can be challenging and expensive to manage.  The PAMS Training Centre allows you to build and deliver self-paced multimedia training programs to your staff regardless of where they are located.  Accessible from their mobile device or via the Web, your staff can be delivered scheduled training programs any time and place required.  The PAMS Training Centre allows you to design and manage your training programs. For each participant you can monitor their progress and assess attained competencies.

PAMS maintains the training and assessment records that are required for quality assurance and regulatory compliance. The PAMS Training Centre is an integrated part of the PAMS suite.  Competency requirements for testing procedures work cooperatively competency assessment within the Training Centre to ensure that each of your staff has the required competency certification.