Surity builds advanced technology solutions that streamline the delivery of quality healthcare services anywhere they need to be performed. We focus on creating software solutions that integrate healthcare service delivery, connecting labs with clinicians and patients. Our goals are the elimination of errors; delivery of highest standard patient care; and improving the productivity and efficiency of clinicians and laboratories.

Since 2001, Surity has been delivering solutions to clinical labs that have enabled them to improve service delivery and reduce errors. By understanding the needs of the lab and latest technology, we marry leading technology with our domain expertise to build elegant solutions that create new opportunities for business innovation, the delivery of new and improved services and new operational efficiencies.

Our success with imagePROFILE, which is the dominant software application used by clinical labs in Australia and with more than 8,000 users in Australia, NZ, USA and Asia, stems from our proven track record of reliability, innovation and performance. Our Pre-Analytical Management System (PAMS) builds on our domain expertise and experience to deliver the first mobility solution that comprehensively manages the process outside of the lab walls. PAMS is designed to meet your needs – you can quickly tailor PAMS to be your own unique solution using our best practice standards and solution building blocks. Using PAMS you will be able to truly revolutionize your pre-analytical process to unlock new potential within your laboratory business.