Just as your LIMS manages every aspect of lab testing and analysis, PAMS manages every aspect of the process outside of the lab - ordering, collections, sample delivery and patient interactions.

PAMS offers simple integration, and you will be able to offer your clients a complete solution that offers superior visibility, efficiency and competative advantage.


As laboratories look for further opportunities to improve operational efficiencies, the pre-analytical process – the process outside the lab walls, looms as a high potential for laboratories to not only reduce bottom-line costs, but also to create new competitive advantage.

Managing outside the lab walls is vastly different to managing the processes inside the lab.  PAMS is a mobile solution that focuses on managing every aspect of the pre-analytical process outside the lab walls.  Managing every scenario from hospitals, collection centres to mobile collection applications, PAMS apps support ordering, sample collection, resource planning, scheduling and competency management, sample transport and tracking.

Managing pre-analytics is more than e-ordering, PAMS manages every step as an integrated and visible process.  PAMS brings new capabilities for the lab to optimise their collection resources, to eliminate waste and errors, and to ensure that the high quality samples are delivered to the lab, when required and suitable for testing.

PAMS has been designed to be integrated with LIMS, EMRS and clinical systems.  When combined with a LIMS, PAMS gives the laboratory full visibility and control of their entire operation from order placement to results delivery.  By removing the barriers between clinicians, patients and the laboratory, PAMS provides the new innovation for laboratories better position their services, gain competitive advantage and strengthening their referral base.

Integrating with PAMS provides you with an immediate end-to-end enterprise solution with a new and compelling value proposition for laboratories. You are now offering a complete solution that can remove laboratory costs and improve services.

PAMS can be tailored to your own corporate requirements and styling, and you can provide your own unique solution and services to each pre-analytical scenario.  PAMS has been designed to lead best practices and to deliver high-quality pre-analytical processes, but brings solution flexibility that enables you to stamp your own mark on your corporate solution.


PAMS securely exchanges medical information with LIMS, EMRS and ordering systems to provide seamless integration for the delivery of laboratory services.  Information originated electronically within any LIMS, EMRS or clinical system, paper-based orders, or orders generated through the PAMS app suite, can be exchanged using healthcare standards such as HL7, FHIR or XDS.b, or through secure APIs based on open IT standards.

PAMS enables you to define the rules for exchange of information, so that you can send and receive updated information such as, the status of sample collections, service alerts and order updates.

PAMS integrates with GP and Specialist Practice Management Systems (PMS) to provide doctors and clinicians with integrated ordering capabilities, and enhanced visibility to track orders and results delivery.  PAMS has already been integrated with many popular Practice Management Systems.


Ensuring that the right samples have been collected for the right patient, and that each sample is delivered in viable condition to the laboratory at the right time, is the fundamental to each collection episode managed by PAMS. To optimise collections, PAMS actively manages every aspect of sample collections to ensure that

  • Each patient is properly identified (PPID) and prepared
  • The correct collection techniques and procedures are followed
  • The correct collection equipment is used, in the correct order
  • Each collected sample is positively identified (PSID)
  • Each sample is properly handled and transported to the lab

PAMS embeds business rules that you define to ensure that the optimal number of samples are collected in the required sample containers, to satisfy lab testing requirements. PAMS actively guides each collection to ensure that collection equipment is used most efficiently, tracking every inventory item used in each collection episode.