We live in a world where you can order a book from another country and trace its journey to your front door, but can’t locate a blood sample in your own city without making phone calls.

 Now there’s PAMS (Pre-Analytical Management System), a purpose-built system designed to tear down the walls between the clinic and pathology lab. PAMS makes every step of the pre-analytical process visible to both clinicians and pathologists at any time.

 This transparency and control from clinic to pathology lab and back again leads to much greater efficiency and reduces human error, which is better for the patient’s wellbeing and your bottom line.


See ahead, stay ahead

Not only will you know that all pre-analytics are error free when they arrive, PAMS gives you accurate information on the samples that are on their way to you. This means you’re better placed to plan and assign the resources you’ll need.

  • Visible profile of incoming test load/profile
  • Reduced error rates & recollections
  • Track and analyse the source of errors
  • Streamline process & reduce costs
  • Improved performance measures and controls


Drive your collections more efficiently

Collections can be a bit ‘hit and miss’. But with PAMS, you’ll know how many samples need to be collected from any location at any time, enabling you to better roster your staff and streamline your operations.

  • Schedule collections with optimal efficiency
  • Monitor collections in “real time” and see the whole picture
  • Manage rosters & collection staff based on known demand
  • Communicate with collection staff to quickly solve any issues


The next big advantage

You’ve been looking for ways of making the business more profitable. Outside the lab, human error is one of the main causes for loss of business and litigation. PAMS reduces the chances of mistakes being made, so you can grow the business without increasing your risk and costs.

  •  Improved bottom-line results
  • Reduced risk of litigation and loss of reputation & credibility
  • Ability to grow volumes without increased risk and costs


Put PAMS on your sales team

GPs are always looking for ways to save money and streamline their operations, without having to reconfigure their whole business. PAMS is a key differentiator in your pathology repertoire. Cloud based so it’s easy to implement without requiring new software, PAMS makes for happy clinicians and more profitable clinics, which in turn provides more opportunities for you.

  • Provide a higher and more reliable level of service
  • A new powerful value proposition
  • Enhance clinician loyalty to the lab


Think errors are inevitable? You’re mistaken

Quality assurance is one of the key benefits of PAMS. With a fully transparent chain of custody and a single system across the entire pre-analytics process, errors are far less likely and compliance is easier to review and measure.

  • Assurance of correct collection and specimen handling procedures
  • Improved compliance
  • Deliver training electronically
  • Manage certification of collection staff
  • Easy publish, distribution & acknowledgement of SOPs
  • Review compliance standards and improve any anomalies


A new way to squeeze out more profits

How much do recollections, human error and over-handling cost you? PAMS’ ability to streamline and simplify the pre-analytics process provides real financial  benefits.

  • Reduced costs - reduced procedural overheads, reduced training costs
  • Minimise recollections
  • Optimise use of resources
  • Measure, manage and track resource utilisation


Pro-actively manage, rather than react to doctor enquiries

With access to the full pre-analytics pathway, you’ll be able to inform doctors as to the exact whereabouts of their ordered samples and test results.  You will be able circumvent issues before they become apparent to the ordering doctor, and you can pro-actively alert doctors to issues regardinging their orders. You’ll be better placed to review service standards and provide doctors visibility of the progress of their orders - thereby eliminating many doctor enquiries.

  • Easily provide accurate information to doctors about orders and results
  • Update orders & collections at the request of doctors
  • Review service standards and improve customer satisfaction

“PAMS is easy to use and its intuitive screens directs users along the processes. This will be specially helpful for the older contractors.”


Leah Lamanna
Customer Service Manager