The paperless laboratory solution

that delivers improved productivity and accuracy.


While we dream of a fully electronic laboratory, the reality for most labs is that paper-based ordering will be part of the lab landscape for some time to come.  imagePROFILE provides a platform that seamlessly integrates processing of paper-based and electronic orders into a single manageable process.

As an enterprise solution designed specifically for clinical laboratories, imagePROFILE removes the boundaries of remote labs and collection centres, enabling you to make the best use of your resources, and to ensure that all pre-requisite tasks are completed before specimens arrive at the lab for testing.  By exploiting imaging technologies, imagePROFILE not only removes paper from your key lab processes, but also improves the productivity, efficiency and accuracy of your lab staff.


With more than 8,000 users in Australia, NZ, USA and Asia, imagePROFILE has a proven track record of reliability, innovation and performance.  Laboratories using imagePROFILE typically improve productivity by about 30%, and improve data entry accuracy by about 20% compared with traditional processing methods.

imagePROFILE is built on more than 30 years’ experience in working with imaging technologies and 20 years’ experience in working with clinical labs.  imagePROFILE is not just an add-on to scan and display images.  It is a solution that clears paper-bound lab processes and integrates seamlessly with your processes and LIMS.


imagePROFILE delivers an enterprise ‘paperless laboratory’ solution that automates document handling and laboratory processes, delivering productivity through intelligent image processing and workflow management.  It can be used to logically organise and store, any kind of electronically generated and paper-based documents, into a common document management structure.

imagePROFILE eliminates paper and removes processing bottlenecks to deliver improved productivity, efficiency and accuracy within the laboratory and across the enterprise.

imagePROFILE streamlines laboratory work process and practices, and brings together all required clinical and compliance information into an accessible format that optimises each step of the laboratory analytical process, which in turn leads to cost savings, greater efficiency and better patient healthcare outcomes.

A viable and mature product suite, imagePROFILE offers organisations many benefits at a cost that enables rapid returns to be realised.


Designed for laboratories, imagePROFILE makes use of imaging and workflow technology to improve productivity, reduce processing errors and address regulatory compliance.

With features such as touch-less access, that are sympathetic to how lab workers operate, imagePROFILE is easy to use and readily accessible within a laboratory environment. The imagePROFILE document viewer has intelligence to optimise the rendering of each document. This enhances the clarity of every document retrieved for viewing in the lab, ensuring that important clinical information cannot be overlooked. 

Through integration with LIS and LIMS, imagePROFILE provides simple one-touch or no-touch access to all information regarding an order requisition, regardless of its origin or format.

Understanding the criticality and time-demands of laboratory operations, at the core of the imagePROFILE architecture, is the ability to retrieve and present documents within seconds, regardless of storage location or access point.


What can imagePROFILE do for a Clinical Laboratory?

  • Complete the capture and pre-processing of orders prior to the arrival of every sample at the lab for testing.
  • Eliminate errors through automated forms processing and data entry functions to deliver improved visibility and management.
  • Improve productivity and efficiency by making documents immediately available across the enterprise wherever they are required, enabling optimisation of laboratory staff and resources.
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory standards.

imagePROFILE introduces immediate benefits such as, reduced compliance, filing and storage costs, fast and concurrent document access, improved document security and control, certified document integrity and control.

It can deliver a truly paperless laboratory environment that complements and automates laboratory processes, and addresses regulatory compliance requirements at a far lower cost and risk.


imagePROFILE version 5, builds on the sound heritage and experience of more than thirty years of implementation within multi-lab enterprise organisations, refashioned to make the most out of today’s modern technology platforms, while satisfying the changing landscape and demands of today’s healthcare system. It brings new flexibility, elegance and manageability to a dependable and stable platform.

The design objective for imagePROFILE was to enable information required to perform process tasks, to be accessible with sub-second response times regardless of geographic location.  This key design approach makes it possible to distribute work to expert workers, such as pathologists, across the enterprise regardless of location, thereby enabling the enterprise to better manage its high-value resources.

imagePROFILE implements a high-volume production imaging solution that electronically manages documents using image processing, image recognition and fast image retrieval. It provides an enterprise wide solution for organisations that process many paper documents on a daily basis.


Using imagePROFILE, information storage and management costs are substantially reduced – why devote valuable and expensive floor space to paper documents and records? Information objects can be stored electronically, available as and when required inexpensively and with certainty.


imagePROFILE fully integrates with PAMS to provide a complete solution for the management and processing of orders beyond the laboratory analytical process.

While imagePROFILE HUDE enables the highest accuracy and efficiency in managing traditional data entry of paper-based requests, PAMS eliminates laboratory data entry, allowing order request information to be captured during sample collection or received directly from the ordering provider.


imagePROFILE provides a solution that can be configured to operate to the needs and demands of each laboratory and operating environment within your enterprise.

Highly configurable in its design, imagePROFILE allows you to quickly profile and organise documents and their meta data, and to implement workflows that optimise the efficiency of laboratory processes.

imagePROFILE can manage a wide variety of information objects that include documents, images and voice. It has been architected to deliver information objects to geographically dispersed locations throughout an enterprise or community.

This means that the information becomes readily accessible throughout your enterprise, as and when it is required, across multiple labs and operating centres.


imagePROFILE enables organisations to capture information at any geographic location, and then rendezvous this information at other geographic centres where information analysis and processing takes place.

For example, medical specialists, pathologists and radiologists can perform analysis and diagnosis remotely based on a comprehensive view of medical records, medical images and test results brought to their fingertips.


imagePROFILE enables documents to be captured from a variety of sources. Document processing rules, ensure that every document that is captured meets quality standards, and is registered to a become a certified record that meets regulatory compliance requirements.


"imagePROFILE is completely integrated into our entire workflow and operations in all our pathology labs.

It is faster, simpler, easier to use, and is less costly to install and maintain."

Alan LLoyd
Sonic Healthcare