Now the lab has been automated - where to next?


The lab world has seen dramatic changes over the past ten years.  Highly sophisticated lab automation and laboratory market consolidation has seen the emergence of the most efficient and cost effective in-lab operations capable of high volume throughputs with minimal errors.

Yet outside the lab the world has hardly changed.  Here is where the next revolution begins.  The process outside the lab has been difficult to comprehensively address due to the diverse nature of pre-analytical scenarios and the role of the many different healthcare providers acting at numerous types of healthcare facilities.

PAMS transforms laboratory pre-analytics (the process outside the lab from ordering to sample delivery to the lab door) by providing a point-of-care technology system that can be used across the myriad of healthcare institutions where diagnostic orders are generated and patient samples need to be collected and transported for analysis.

PAMS is the first solution that focuses on pre-analytics and capitalises on mobile technology to deliver simple to use yet powerful apps that can be used by anyone in every point-of-care location.

The PAMS foundation is the elimination of Pre-Analytical errors, made possible through our unique approach that integrates management of process, technique, handling and compliance throughout the pre-analytical lifecycle. Read more about eliminating pre-analytical errors – your error free future.

To facilitate the many pre-analytical scenarios, PAMS has been designed as a platform that is flexible – allowing you to implement the specific apps, rules and processes that you need to manage. Whatever app your need, PAMS provides you with the best-practice foundation and ready-made process elements that allow you to quickly deploy the elegant and functional apps you need, while still providing you with a consistent management environment across your pre-analytical landscape.

You tell us what you need and how you need to use it and PAMS can deliver the most powerful, modern and best-practice solution for you.  We have built solutions for clinical labs, hospitals, drug testing, forensic labs, food & agriculture labs, blood banking and other healthcare applications.

So whether you need to automate collection centres, optimise your couriers, deliver targeted training and competency management to your or your referrer's collections staff, or you are looking for an edge in service delivery – PAMS can quickly and easily deliver the pre-analytical solution you need.

Join the Pre-Analytics Revolution.

Data Entry problem? Why not eliminate data entry altogether?  Let us show you how.