Why a fresh approach was needed.

What makes PAMS different?



The requirements of a pre-analytics management system are entirely different to that of a LIMS. A simple LIMS add-on will not deliver a comprehensive pre-analytics solution, but it is important that pre-analytics is an integral component of the laboratory management solution.   PAMS recognizes this and delivers the ability to seamlessly connect to any LIMS to provide an end-to-end laboratory solution.

PAMS has been designed to define new best-practice standards to the delivery of laboratory pre-analytics, and provide the flexibility to enable each lab to tailor PAMS to suit their own environment and business needs.  PAMS provides you with the opportunity to engage with clinicians and patients in new ways that will strengthen your referral base while delivering improvements to your bottom-line.

The PAMS Pre-Analytical Management System from Surity, controls every step of pre-analytics, to eliminate errors, reduce recollections and improve patient safety.

The PAMS innovation binds together process, technique, handling and compliance into one comprehensive mobile software application that enables labs and healthcare providers to re-engineer their pre-analytical process and vision new ways of delivering high quality healthcare services, providing new convenience for clinicians and patients.

PAMS ensures minimal or no margin for errors throughout the entire pre-analytics process - including doctors’ orders, scheduling of sample collections, collection of samples, management of sample handling, transportation, chain of custody, compliance, and of patient care and safety factors.


PAMS is designed from the ground up as a mobile application that operates on a range of mobile devices such as tablets, smart phones and notepads on popular device platforms such as iOS, Android and Windows. Its hub is cloud-based enabling mobile healthcare workers to be equally supported at point-of-care anywhere.

Using mobile devices, PAMS capitalises on the opportunity to completely rethink the methods that can be used to support clinicians, collectors and the laboratory to ensure vastly improved performance of the pre-analytical process.  PAMS delivers the foundation for the entire pre-analytical process to be fully integrated - clinicians, collector and laboratory tasks can be supported and monitored so that patient safety concerns and errors can be eliminated.   For the first time, clinicians, collectors and laboratory staff can be seamlessly connected into a single managed and visible process throughout the entire testing process.

By bringing together into one system management of process, technique, handling and compliance through a powerful suite of apps specifically designed for today’s mobile technology, PAMS provides the ideal platform to manage service delivery outside the lab. Apps can be easily configured and tailored to suit the needs of each lab, hospital or clinic without IT skills.  Dashboards, alerts and notifications can be easily configured to provide clinicians and labs with the ability to actively manage service delivery.



This short video demonstrates how eliminating pre-analytical errors, using PAMS, is just the starting point for driving new service models that deliver:

  • Improved efficiencies
  • Reduced costs
  • Competitive advantage
  • Increased referral business