PAMS Feature

Chain of Custody (CoC)


Whether your requirement is for full forensic custody management or you need less stringent custody management, PAMS enables you to define your requirements and custody rules that are to be used by each app and user within the PAMS suite.  PAMS tracks and records the sequence of custody, control, transfer, analysis, and disposition of each sample in accordance with the rules and procedures that you define.  Chain of Custody rules are embedded within each PAMS app to ensure compliance with traceability requirements.  PAMS provides a full chronology of the ownership, custody and location of each sample, and provides a detailed audit trail that facilitates compliance and sample authenticity.  You define the level of traceability that you require – from full forensic tracking of each individual sample, to tracking at an episode level commonly used by clinical labs, PAMS manages the CoC process that you require.

  • Centralised management of CoC levels
  • Centralised management of CoC rules
  • Detailed audit trail to facilitate sample providence & authenticity


PAMS has been designed to respond to your changing needs, advancements in technology and changing best-practice standards.  New methods for Chain of Custody sample recognition and tracking can easily be added to PAMS apps though a centralised management centre.  Once added, the new methods and associated rules will be automatically updated to every app user. This enables PAMS to be “future-proofed” and you can be confident that you will be able to stay in front of industry needs and technological advancements.

  • Out-of-box CoC sample tracking methods
  • Easy implementation of new methods
  • Automated deployment of methods to all app users


PAMS maintains a detailed audit trail of every CoC action and event.  The audit trail logs detailed information for each event, maintaining an evidentiary record of each step, location and action with thin the CoC timeline.  The audit trail enables you to fully document and analyse the providence of each sample.  Whether you need to satisfy legal procedural requirements, or to better understand and optimise your sample handling, the audit trail provides you with the means analyse and control samples and easily satisfy patient safety and compliance audits.

  • Full audit trail of events of all CoC events
  • Historical analysis of process, methods and events
  • Centralised management view


PAMS alerts and notifications allow you to define notification rules that can be triggered based upon CoC events and rules. Notifications may be pre-defined to alert a user or groups of users when CoC conditions occur.  For example, when a sample has not been received within the due time at a location, notify the collections manager.  Notification rules can be defined centrally to be applied to sample types, or defined for specific samples.

  • Definable notifications based on CoC events
  • Define notifications for individuals, groups or roles
  • Apply events to sample groups, types or individual samples


PAMS can be used on a wide range of mobile devices including smart phones, tablets and notepads.  PAMS also supports desktop and web environments.  This means that a PAMS app may be targeted to the platform that is most convenient for every person at each step for CoC management wherever required.  PAMS allows you to define your app requirements and centrally manage to the deployment of apps to every user and device.   Each app works in conjunction with the CoC rules that you define.

  • Support for wide range of mobile device formats
  • Support for Windows, Android and iOS devices
  • Centrally manageable app deployments