PAMS Feature

Collections Optimisation


How do you know that all of the right samples have been collected for the right patient?  How do you ensure that samples are positively identified and are in good condition for lab testing within the timeframe required?  How do you ensure that only the necessary equipment is used and that the time taken to collect samples is optimised?  With PAMS you are always in control all collection activities regardless of where and who performs each collection.  PAMS gives you complete visibility of all collection activities as they are being performed. Alerts highlight any anomalies or errors, and action centres provide an easy means to address these errors before they become a problem.

  • Real-time monitoring of all collection activities
  • Resource rostering, scheduling and assignment
  • Management action & resolution centres
  • Audit trailing for all collection activities


PAMS allows you to define and manage your compliance rules and requirements.  Once defined, compliance control is integrated into the collection process embedded with the collections apps.  Key compliance procedures such as Positive Patient Identification (PPID) and Sample Identification become active compliance steps with the collection process for each collection.   You define the rules, methods and templates that are used.  PAMS provides an audit trail of each compliance step, providing confidence and certainty at every step.

  • Configurable compliance rules & methods
  • Positive Patient Identification (PPID)
  • Sample Identification & tracking
  • Integrated audit trail & auditable events


Making sure that samples are collected using the correct methods, and ensuring that all the right samples are collected are key to ensuring that each collection is optimised, and enabling highest quality test results. Procedures and guides, defined at the lab, are integrated into the collections apps to provide each collector with the procedural guidance to ensure error free and quality collections.  The PAMS collection app, guides the collector through preparation, collection and transport requirements, providing them with the samples to be collected, the containers to be used and the order in which they are to be collected (i.e. the Order of Draw).

  • Procedures integrated within collections app process
  • Definable rules for sample rationalisation
  • Order of Draw enforcement
  • Preparation, Collection and Transportation rules & guides


At the centre of the collection process is the PAMS integrated test manual.  The Test Manual enables each test that is performed by your lab to be defined and managed.  For each test, the manual defines the rules and procedures for collection of required samples, together with patient conditioning and sample transportation requirements.  PAMS integrates the Test Manual into the collection process within the collection app to ensure that the patient is properly prepared and that the correct samples are collected in the correct order.

  • Define & manage collection rules for all Tests
  • Management Centre for central management of Test Manual
  • Define & manage common test sets
  • Integrated with Order of Draw & sample rationalisation rules


PAMS brings together everything that is required to support high quality collection and phlebotomy services regardless of where they need to be performed.   The PAMS collections app is designed to facilitate error free collection of samples.  The mobile application utilises the power of mobile devices to capture information and to correctly and uniquely identify samples during the collection activity.  Pre-printed labels are no longer required, sample are fully identified as they are collected at the point of care.

  • Mobile app support for collections
  • Choice of device platform
  • On-demand sample identification
  • Positive Patient Identification (PPID) integration