PAMS Feature

Competency Management & Training


At the core of PAMS is the integrated support for technique - to ensure the quality execution of sample collection procedures. The competency management centre allows competency requirements to be defined for collection procedures, corelates the attainment of competency levels by staff members.  Collections facilated through PAMS provide procedural support during the collection process determined by the competency of the user and as defined by the organisation.

  • Define & manage procedure guides & tutorials
  • Define competency requirements for procedures
  • Registration & menagement of user competencies
  • Management of comptency support with collection apps


The PAMS online training centre is used to manage the design and delivery of multimedia traing courseware and training programs. The training centre can be used to facilitate the delivery training programs, the enrollment and tracking of progress of students through the programs, and the assessment of attained skills and knowledge.  The training centre is used in conjunction with comptency management to deliver training faciliated through mobile devices.

  • Design multimedia training programs
  • Monitor & manage student enrollments
  • Track program progress
  • Student knowledge & skills assessment
  • Competency evaluation


PAMS  maintains required compliance certificates & records for completed training and compentencies.

  • Manage Training & Certification records
  • Manage competency requirements
  • Manage competency attainment records


The PAMS competency management centre simplifies the control  and distribution of SOP docments. The competency management centre uses the PAMS notification system to distribute SOP updates and track the require review and acknowlegement by each member of the distribution list.

  • Control for the publishing & distribution of SOPs
  • Tracking review & acknowledgements
  • Maintence of quality & compliance records