PAMS Feature

Compliance Management


Managing compliance is a key requirement for every laboratory.  Effective compliance management is not just a regulatory requirement, but it can also influence key commercial factors such as reputation, efficiency, safety and profitability.  Failure to adhere to applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations, as well as the requirements of public and private insurers can result in a loss of revenue and potential de-registration. Compliance failure can also impact patient safety as well as the occupational safety of your staff.  The onus is on laboratories to provide effective procedures for managing all aspects of compliance and to maintain evidence of regulatory compliance.  By integrating compliance rules into each app, PAMS delivers a compliance management platform that is efficient and reliable, rather than a costly overhead.  Compliance rules that you define, are enforced throughout your PAMS app suite to ensure error free and compliant delivery of services.  You have complete traceability of every transaction – all the information needed to satisfying compliance audits is available at your fingertips.

  • Define compliance rules, procedures and process
  • Centrally manage and deploy compliance rules
  • Integrated management of compliance records
  • Management of SOP authoring, approval and distribution


Using PAMS you can be sure that every step in your pre-analytical process is performed according to your compliance rules and is done in accordance with best practices.  Critical procedures such as Positive Patient Identification (PPID) and Positive Sample Identification (PSID) are integrated components within each PAMS app, ensuring that these rules may not be bypassed or skipped.  The audit trail means that you will know the details of each identification method used for every compliance event.  As new best practices emerge and new technology becomes available, PAMS allows you to easily adopt these new methods by simply updating or including new methods to you app suite, meaning that you PAMS implementation is always “future proof”.

  • Integrated support for best practice compliance
  • Full audit trail of all compliance events & methods
  • Definable rules and methods
  • Add methods and devices as required
  • Centralised management


PAMS maintains a detailed audit trail of every action and event within your process.  The audit trail logs detailed information for each action, showing details of the process and application requirement (e.g. sample collection), the operator performing the identification, the patient being identified, the methods used and success or failure of each method.  The audit trail provides with a complete record of all actions so that you can analyse compliance, performance criteria and efficiency as well as easily satisfy regulatory and audit requirements.

  • Full audit trail of all procedures, actions and events
  • Historical analysis of process, methods and events
  • Centralised management view


PAMS delivers a complete governance framework that protects data integrity and prevents unauthorised access to data, apps and key systems functions.  The PAMS security model uses the most up to date methods and technology to implement its model for user authentication and authorisation.  PAMS gives you complete control over how each PAMS user is authenticated, and their permissions and rights, to ensure that each PAMS user has access only to the information and functions they need.  Through the audit trail, you can track all user actions.  Its platform implements the highest standards to protect the integrity of data and transmission to prevent unauthorised access or data loss.  The PAMS service model gives you confidence of high service availability, data protection and best practice infrastructure that maintains continuity, backup, redundancy and disaster recovery strategy implementation.

  • Integrated authentication & authorisation model
  • Data storage and transmission security assurance
  • Data integrity and storage management
  • High service availability and control


PAMS has been designed with information security and privacy being of paramount importance.  Patient privacy and information security are critical within healthcare and PAMS implements the highest standards to protect information privacy and security.  PAMS complies with HIPAA requirements to ensure that patient privacy and confidentially is protected and that unauthored access to patient information is prevented.  Each authorised user only has access to the patient information that they require to perform each function.  PAMS provides you will the ability to control and specify the functions and information that is available to each user and to restrict which patients are available to each user. PAMS ensure that all information is securely stored and transmitted to prevent unauthorised access, and to maintain the consistency, integrity and availability to your organisation.

  • HIPAA compliance
  • Full security model to control authentication & authorisation
  • Central management of rights & authorities
  • Secure transmission & storage of data