PAMS Feature

Point of Care Support


PAMS has been designed from the ground up to support mobility and convenience, and to include all pre-analytical scenarios regardless of where and when they need to be performed.  Each PAMS app has been designed to be compatible with tablet or smart phone ease of use and styling, so that for each PAMS user they have a familiar, non-threatening and intuitive look and feel.  The apps have been designed to actively support each pre-analytical function, allowing the user to interact with the app using minimal touch points.

  • Choose the devices format that suit you – smart phone, tablet, kiosk or large screen
  • Your choice of platform provider – Apple, Andriod, Windows
  • Customisable app styling & app flows
  • Select the right device for each point-of-care application


Each PAMS app has been designed to highlight the particular requirements of each step, bringing together information from process, technique compliance and handling to ensure that each user has the guidance they need to delivery high quality healthcare services.  PAMS maintains the connection of each user with the lab to provide them with the most up to date information and convenience.

  • Configurable app to suit organisational requirements
  • Integrated support for process, technique, handling & compliance
  • Configurable rules, terminology and procedures


All PAMS apps support the integration of mobile devices.  These devices can be used to facilitate procedures such as positive patient identification, sample identification and data capture.  Some examples are barcode scanners, RFIS readers, mobile printers and point of care testing devices.  Each PAMS app can be configured to include customised app functions and flows to facilitate point of care services.

  • Integration support for mobile devices e.g. scanners, RFID readers, EFTPOS., POC Testing
  • Configurable, tailorable app modules to support plug-in devices


Information availability, accuracy, security and speed are key requirements to support mobile healthcare service delivery.  PAMS uses Microsoft Azure as its underlying delivery platform.  Using Azure PAMS can be scaled to meet workload and functional demands, and to cater for the stringent security and privacy demands of healthcare.

  • Full scale up and out support
  • Full cloud and hybrid service models
  • Integrated security for data, user authentication & authorisation
  • Availability anytime, any location