PAMS Feature

Resource Planning & Optimisation


PAMS provides a integrated management centre that enables the management and scheduling of all collection and courier staff.  Whether your phlebotomy staff are deployed within collection centres, for hospital ward rounds or for mobile collections (e.g. nursing homes, care centres, home visits) or for the management couriers that are required to deliver samples to the lab, PAMS provides an integrated centre for the organisation, planning, scheduling and allocation of staff.

  • Manage assignments and reallocations
  • Forward planning and capacity planning
  • Skills and competency management


Resources allocation becomes a simple and organised management function that is facilitated through an intuitive management centre within PAMS.  Managers can be assigned to manage resource groups (e.g. collection centre staff, hospital ward rounds) and can easily assign appropriately qualified resources to any collection and courier activity.  Through dashboards, active alerts and notifications, managers can monitor the progress of all activities within the pre-analytical process and where necessary reassign or reallocate activities.

  • Organise & manage resources
  • Configurable resource groups
  • Forward planning & rostering
  • Easy reallocation of resource scheduling
  • Active monitoring of schedules
  • Active alerts & notification of scheduling issues


PAMS enables you to active plan and manage your courier rounds.  Imagine, couriers no longer have to go to pickup locations where there are no samples to be collected – or alternately, you can dispatch a courier to collect samples when they are ready to be collected.  PAMS assists you to plan courier runs by optimising travel times/distance between pickup locations, providing you and the courier with best route between locations.  Real-time monitoring enables you to track courier progress and if required, add or reallocate locations to maximise efficiency and improve services.

  • Organise & plan courier runs
  • Optimise routes
  • Real-time monitoring and management
  • Integrated with Chain-of-custody and sample tracking
  • Organise & manage courier resources


Whether you need to plan and manage sample collections within hospitals, collection centres or you have mobile phlebotomy staff performing visits to external healthcare facilities, PAMS will enable you to manage and monitor your staff to ensure that all sample collections meet service and quality control standards.  PAMS ensures that for each collection the right samples are collected for the right patient, and that samples are delivered to the lab in the right condition at the right time.  Using PAMS you can optimise your collection activities - you can plan based on active rather than historical work profiles.

  • Organise & plan collection staff activities
  • Optimise collection rounds
  • Manage collection procedures & processes
  • Manage collector competencies
  • Ensure that all required samples are collected
  • Actively monitor collection activities
  • Minimise recollections


Utilising the power of mobile devices, PAMS keeps you in constant communications with your staff.  If field staff need to contact lab staff, or whether the lab needs to contact the ordering doctor or patient, PAMS provides an integrated communications medium that allows scheduled notifications, alerts or ad-hoc chat sessions.  Communications may be captured as part of the audit trail. Through PAMS integrated communications, you are able to communicate with any PAMS user -  lab staff, phlebotomists, couriers or external healthcare providers when required.

  • Schedule Notifications
  • Integrated Chat
  • Configurable Alters
  • Auditable communications records
  • Send SMS alerts and notifications